Ladies’ Trio Clock

Our stunning, brushed aluminum, Trio Clock design showcases four classic gymnast poses surrounding a classical clock face. Accompanied by your choice of back plate color, it stately shouts support, encouragement and achievement!

With your choice from 10 back plate colors, it stands timelessly over the 54 patented hooks on our exclusive Hookstik system and medals are showcased in a cascade design on your gymnast’s wall. These hooks can easily hold 10 medals each, allowing your display to hold over 500 medals.

The hook panel is crafted with a natural, premium pine wood panel, which can be easily painted, stained or left as is as the hooks are conveniently removable.

In addition, this UDisplay system can expand as your gymnast’s needs grow by adding an Extension panel of 30 more hooks by simply removing the bottom row of hooks and inserting the panel key. (Extension panels sold separately.)

This display system measures 35” long x 18” tall and includes standoffs along with installation hardware.

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  • black
  • Blue
  • LightBlue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White

Add Extension Panel

This extension panel allows you to add 30 hooks to your existing display! Easy to install!

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Acrylic Shelf

Need somewhere to put your trophies? No worries, UDisplay has already thought about that! Add an acrylic shelf to your order to have extra shelf space for trophies, pictures, or anything else!


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